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Squinkies on kandi bracelets

I just discovered a really cute item to put on kandi bracelets! They're called Squinkies, and they're these little squishy toys that come in re-closeable plastic bubbles. The plastic bubbles have two holes on each side, which makes them perfect for putting on kandi bracelets. To the left are a couple of quick single-stranded kandi bracelets I made. These are supposed to be available at stores like Wal-Mart and Target, but all of the stores I've been to were sold out so I got mine on Amazon.


I tied mine onto the kandi bracelets in a way that the elastic helps keep the bubbles closed, but if you hit them against something really hard they do still open, so beware. You could always seal the bubble with glue to be secure.

Below are links to some of the bubble packs on Amazon. You get 12 of the ones shown, and then four "surprise" ones :)

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series One

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Three

Squinkies Bubble Pack - Series Six
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